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“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

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Home Learning week beginning 13th July


This week will be the last post about Home Learning for the term.  This week's activities are all about transitioning to Year 3 and this is what we would normally have been doing if we were all in school.  Here is the link: 


During the Summer break we have uploaded 5 activity pages for everyone to access in order to stay busy and have fun:  The 5 topic areas are:  Space, Under the Sea, Pirates, Jungle and Circus.  We hope that you will dip into them and and enjoy some of these activities!  Here is the link


Have a good break and stay safe!  The Hazel Team.

Home Learning week beginning 6th July


This week's country is Japan.  Please follow the links below to find the daily activities and Maths and English daily tasks.


Hope you are all well and busy!  Best wishes from The Hazel Team

Home Learning week beginning 29th June

This week's country featured on the Virtual School page is New Zealand.  We hope you have fun finding out about this country.  Please let us know how you get on.


Have a great week!  Best wishes from The Hazel Team

Follow the links below:

Home Learning week beginning 22nd June

This week's country is Ecuador.  Follow the links below to have a look at whatever interests you.

Don't forget to tune into Storytime on Monday.  You will hear some poems from Please Mrs Butler.  Some of you will be in school this week so we hope you enjoy seeing your friends.


Have a good week from the Hazel Team.


Home Learning week beginning 15th June


This week you will be finding out about India in the Daily Activity pages.  We hope you will learn lots about the country where Andriya, Ruishton's sponsored pupil lives!

The Marvellous Mondays challenges are all around a drawing of an insect by Rosalind Monks.

There is core work from Hamilton and many other interesting resources for you to enjoy.


Please listen in to the storytime on Monday, you may recognise the story teller!


Thank you parents for your support and also for letting us know how you are getting on at home!  We miss you!


Have a good week!


The Hazel Team.




Home Learning 8th June


The topic for this half term is 'Countries'.  Each week there will be a focus on one particular country.


Please follow the links below which will take you to the Virtual School web pages.  There are daily activities and resources.  In addition you will find Maths and English work for Year 2.  Marvellous Mondays will also give you interesting ideas to try based on a different artist each week.


Please let us know via our class email what your child is accessing and trying at home.


Thank you from The Hazel Team

With effect from Monday 30th March, the schools in the Oak Partnership are combining resources to deliver a Virtual School to all of its children, parents and carers.  Click here to visit the home learning page, where you will find an interim outline of Home learning for Ruishton children. Updates in respect of the Virtual School will follow over the next few days.

Times Tables

 Choose one challenge to do every day for a week.  This helps to embed the learning.  Move on to a different challenge in the next week.

Please find times tables challenges to print in the Star folders below.


Useful educational websites....


Twinkl  is helping all parents and children who are learning from home and have given us this link and password to share with you.   The site is full of many fantastic resources!      Password/Code:    UKTWINKLHELPS


Purple Mash  - another website offering free resources


Phonics Play - games with phonics

Home Learning 1st June

Marvellous Mondays! Plenty of exciting ideas to try at home based on this week's picture by Matisse.

Fun activities to try from The Woodland Trust

Home Learning - Week Beginning 18th May



Marvellous Monday Art Topic

Each week we put a piece of art work on the virtual website where many ideas stem from the one picture.  Have a look at this week's ideas!  


Home Learning -  Week beginning 11th May

Florence Nightingale

  • Week 5


  • Complete the timeline of the important events in Florence Nightingale’s life.
  • If you do not have printer write the important dates of Florence Nightingale’s life in order and draw a picture and label for each date.  Eg: 1820 – Florence Nightingale was born.


Home Learning - Week beginning 4th May

Florence Nightingale


  • Compare what the hospital in Scutari was like before and after Florence Nightingale arrived.


  • Use the attached sheets and pictures to cut and stick or if you can’t print them out draw your own pictures and make two columns. 
  • Write some sentences about how Florence improved the hospital:  eg Florence Nightingale trained the nurses to sweep and scrub the floors.  Florence Nightingale made the nurses wash their hands to stop the spread of germs.
  • What would you tell Florence Nightingale about how important hand washing is?  You could make a poster or write Florence a letter.
Home Learning - W/C Monday 27th April

Week 2  A couple options (see what you feel like doing)


Sentence Writing

  • Watch the Florence Nightingale clip again.



      Comprehension sheets  

        There are 3 challenges, choose which one is best for you.

        1 star = easiest    2 stars = medium     3 stars = hardest   (marked in bottom left corner of     

                                                                                                       the document pages)

Photos from this week...

Home Learning - W/C Monday 20th April


Please see below some activities for English and Maths. 


This term's History topic in Hazel is all about Florence Nightingale.  Starting this week, we will add a new task to the Hazel Class page about Florence Nightingale for the children to do.  It would be good to see this work when we eventually come back to school, so please, if you are feeling enthusiastic,  you could either make a special folder with the work the children have done or just write and draw directly into the purple homework book.  We will add a different activity each week that relates to the History topic.




Florence Nightingale Unit - Week 1


· Watch BBC Clips video


· Draw and colour a picture of Florence Nightingale and write the words that best describe her around the edge.

· Words you might use: determined, ambitious, studious, wealthy, organised, hard-working, strict, kind

Cats? We love them!

Even more wonderful learning!

Photos - Friday 17th April


More fantastic home learning to share...

Home Learning - W/C Monday 13th April

Good morning Hazel Class!  Did you have a visit from the Easter Bunny? 


Have a look at the maths and English activities below for this week.  The maths activities will give you a chance to practise what we have already learnt so far this year.  The stories look good and we hope you enjoy them!


Stay safe everyone, we miss you all!  Mrs Keene, Mrs Amos and Mrs Meletiou


Extra worksheets for the week beginning 13th April.  (Don't forget to look at the Virtual School Website where you will find many really interesting activities!)

Dragon story inspired picture and writing, wonderful!

Easter egg fun

Getting creative with marbling and tie dye T shirts, brilliant!

Super measuring and cutting skills to make a brilliant bug house! Well done to all the family.

Brilliant Books for Year 2