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Ruishton Church of England School

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve


With effect from Monday 30th March, the schools in the Oak Partnership are combining resources to deliver a Virtual School to all of its children, parents and carers.  Click here to visit the home learning page, where you will find an interim outline of Home learning for Ruishton children. Updates in respect of the Virtual School will follow over the next few days.

Holly and Jade's Thornfalcon Railway project

Magnificent Maple Class

Maple Class learning

Hello, each week I will aim to make available a few activities for each subject to support your child's external learning or provide an extension from any learning found through our virtual school day . In addition to these tasks, I have added the links for various websites such as mathshed, spelling shed and TTRockstars. The learning they do can be copied out into their orange home learning books, or the sheets can be printed, completed and stuck in.


Take care and keep safe,

Miss Munro :) 









The above link is to a workbook, although it says entry level year 4, I have reviewed it against the national curriculum and the activities are also appropriate for current year 4.


Each day your child could have a go at one or two activities, you can either print the workbook itself or they can copy out the question and their response in their home learning book.


Create a comic strip documenting the Easter Story, below is a link you could use to support you with this.

Aim to have a picture and a couple of sentences for each section!


Please check out the PRIME challenge saved below, see how many you can complete!


PRIME Learner


To develop a lifelong love of learning and valuable life skills, we aim to support every child to develop a positive learning and life approach.  As part of this, you will increasingly become aware of the characteristics of PRIME. 

Nelson (our school mascot) accompanies and illustrates each strand of this.  

I attach a 'poster' to identify each of the characteristics of PRIME which we will be aiming to develop in every child during their time at Ruishton school.  Please see below.


Brilliant Books for Year 4