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Ruishton Church of England School

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve

SEND Local Offer

All staff at Ruishton C of E Primary School are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for all children. We are an inclusive school and work with Parents and a range of professionals with the child’s individual needs central to our thoughts.

1.  Who do I see if I am worried?
If you have concerns about your child, please speak to the Class Teacher in the first instance. Parent’s evenings are arranged during the Autumn and Spring terms giving an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. A written report is provided in the Summer term.  All Class Teachers welcome conversation with parents and will make time to speak to you at a mutually convenient time. Sometimes a quick informal conversation can answer your or your child’s concerns.  Home/School link books may be used to share progress or a note for home support depending on individual needs.
If you are still concerned about your child, you can make an appointment to meet with the SENDCO Sarah Fitzsimmons. It is often beneficial to have a combined meeting with the class teacher and SENDCO. The SENDCO is responsible for overseeing the support needs of children across the school.
If you feel your concerns are not addressed please make an appointment with the Deputy Head, Seonaid Curry, or Head Teacher to discuss your concerns.

2. How will I know if my child needs extra support?
At Ruishton C of E Primary the progress of all children is closely monitored by the Class Teachers.  We work on the basis that all children need a little additional help from time to time! If you or the Class Teacher has any concerns about your child’s academic or social & emotional progress, health and wellbeing they will discuss your child’s needs with you and the SENDCO. A combination of review, observation and additional assessment will follow. If necessary a referral to external agencies can be made with your consent by completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA) with the SENDCo. For children who require additional ongoing support an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) may be discussed to look at the long term outcomes for your child with your permission.     

 3. Who might work with my Child?
On a day to day basis the Class Teacher (CT), Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) may be working with your child.  Your child may talk about being supported in or out of the class, which may include time in ‘Nelson’s Nest’.
A range of outside professionals might be called in to support including;
·        Speech and Language Therapists
·        Occupational Therapists
·        Physiotherapists
·        Learning Support Advisory Teachers
·        Autism and Communication Advisors
·        Social and Emotional Behaviour Advisory Teachers
·        Educational Psychologists
We rely on two way conversation with parents.  Please keep the school updated regarding changes in circumstances, medical, health appointments and outcomes you receive.

4. How will School support my child?
Your child’s educational needs are overseen by their Class Teacher. The Class Teacher or Learning Support Assistant with appropriate training may work with your child as part of a small intervention group, 1:2 or 1:1 depending on your child’s needs. If your child is receiving additional support their Class Teacher will provide you with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is a brief summary of the support they are having.

5. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?
All class work is differentiated to match the needs of individual learners. A combination of observation, marking and assessment inform day to day planning.
Parent English/Maths and ICT information evenings are held to explain methods of teaching and support to help inform you about ways you can support your child.

 6. What support will there be for my child’s medical needs and overall wellbeing?
 For children with identified medical needs consideration is given to administration of medicine and personal care needs.  A Medical Care Plan will be created to summarise their support.
We are a caring school, Class Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Lunch time Support Staff are very observant and tend to pick up on changes in your child.
If additional ‘talk time ‘ is needed because your child is upset, this will be happen on a needs basis with an adult best known to your child. We are well aware that, family break up, bereavement, personal or a family member’s ill health can have a considerable effect on a child’s emotional wellbeing.  Specific planned support will be put in place as needed, considering your child’s views.

7. Further Support
Our Parent Family Support Advisor (PFSA) is Amanda Porter. Amanda can support you across a wide range of situations. She can become involved in offering support after the completion of an EHA.  The SENDCo can be contacted if you feel that this is support from which you would benefit.
Please keep the school aware of any key changes in your child’s life.
The challenge is to strike a happy balance between directed support and listening to the child.
8. How accessible is the school to children with SEN? 
We have a level access site with wide doors for easy access. Ramps allow access to the outside classrooms.  We have a medical care room and toilet for people with physical disabilities.
A range of ICT programmes support children’s access to the curriculum.
All children have the right to access school trips where ever it is safe for them to do so. For those children with additional needs, alternative support provision will be thought through with the parent/carer.  It may also involve an additional visit prior to the trip where reasonable adjustments will be considered to make the trip accessible to meet individual needs.

9. How will school support my child’s transitions?
Starting School for the first time in September
Information evening for new parents is held in May. Parents are requested to share health/ educational details.
The reception class teacher will liaise with preschool settings to discuss all children’s needs. Additional needs of individual children are highlighted to Reception Class Teacher and SENDCO during the second half of the Summer Term.
If a child has multi-agency support involvement a School Entry Plan meeting (SEP) will be held in the 2nd half of the Summer Term and reviewed during the Autumn Term they begin school.
Stay and Play sessions are held during the second half of the Summer Term to build your child’s familiarity with the school. Reception children follow a clear induction programme to help get to know the school. Amendment to this may be needed depending on the individual child.
In year transition to Ruishton School
·        We will contact the previous school setting for key assessments, review meeting notes, health or educational reports and care plans, IEPs.
·        Class teacher and or SENDCO may discuss prior or current support your child received.
·        We may ask you to bring in samples of your child’s work books/ samples from their previous school.
In year transition from Ruishton School.
When we are in clear receipt of the new school details as your child starts in their new school we will pass on key assessments, health or education reports and IEPs as needed.
Yr 6 to Yr 7 Transition
All children transferring to secondary school have considerable dialogue about moving on and changes within class across the year with their class teacher.
In liaison with the secondary school, parents and children additional visits can be organised to alleviate worries and build familiarity with the new school setting.
Children with additional needs may attend extra visits to their chosen school, to alleviate anxiety and build familiar.
Year 6 children with additional needs are discussed with the Secondary school SENDCO. Key professional reports and IEPs will transfer on with you.

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Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Sarah Fitzsimmons
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Sarah welcomes your communication through a brief informal meeting/telephone/email or appointment.