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“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve


Sycamore Class 2019-20



Take a look at Ollie's fantastic drawing below!


Good morning everyone. I hope you all had good weekends! 


Technically it is now the Easter Holidays, however I appreciate that you are at home still and some of you may want to continue with some learning activities, so the Virtual School as set some tasks that you might like to do.


From Today, each weekday, I will be recording the remaining chapters of 'The Explorer' and they will be released on the VS YouTube channel. The first video goes live today at 1pm, and then it will be weekdays at 10am. Click here for a link to the playlist, which will have all of the videos in order, so don't worry if you miss a day. Click here to read a short summary of the story so far (Thanks Erin!)


Miss you all! See you soon.



Good morning guys. Hope you are all OK! I have set some tasks on Hegarty Maths for anyone that would like to. I would definitely recommend continuing with the White Rose Maths daily lessons, and only using these as extra if you would like. See you soon!


Morning guys. I hope you are all OK - I miss you all very much. The Oak Partnership are producing content for you to access at home from today, but keep checking this page as I will occasionally post an update message and give you ideas for other tasks you could complete. Click here to visit the Virtual School and see today's suggested activities. I would definitely suggest looking at the White Rose Maths virtual lessons (, but do what you can with the resources you've got. Stay in touch and keep sending me pictures.


Mr Seviour :)


With effect from Monday 30th March, the schools in the Oak Partnership are combining resources to deliver a Virtual School to all of its children, parents and carers.  Click here to visit the home learning page, where you will find an interim outline of Home learning for Ruishton children. Updates in respect of the Virtual School will follow over the next few days.

Parachute Investigation

Still image for this video
Lots of great feedback about this activity - really pleasing to see. Well done guys! Check out this video sent in...

We are Learning at Home

Ruishton PRIME challenge

Many thanks to Mr Pegg for formulating the above challenge.  It outlines a range of activities which can be completed at home amongst family members and is intended to be fun!

Home Learning

This page will be updated daily before 9am. Where recording of activities is required, please do this in the orange exercise book sent home. 

  Monday 23rd March

Click here to play a game - Make 1 using decimals to 2 d.p. You will need to use your number bonds to 100. How many can you complete in 1 minute? Play at least 5 times and try to improve your score. 


Go to maths shed and complete the Multiplication Check Simulator (click here). This will test you on 25 times table questions. You have 6 seconds to answer each question. At the end, it will show you questions that were not answered or answered incorrectly. Spend some time practising this group of linked times table facts.


If the link does not take you there directly, go to > maths shed > more > Y4 MTC


Ask an adult to test you on your spellings. You might want to have a quick last practise before they do! Click here for the words.


Have a final check through of your piece of writing from last week. Does it make sense? Does it show clear character description (appearance and personality)? Is it punctuation perfect? 


Ask a parent or carer to help you edit your writing, but try to identify as many of your own errors as you can. Finally, write up a final draft. You may wish to do it on google docs and then share it with me ( so that I can have a read. 


Last week, we planned a science investigation to explore air resistance. We planned to create three parachutes and we were going to change one variable. We discussed changing:

  • the shape of the parachute canopy
  • the size of the parachute canopy
  • the material of the parachute canopy
  • the length of the string
  • the object attached to the parachute

If you can, and you have resources available, see if you can conduct this experiment at home. Choose one of the above variables and create three parachutes. For example, if you wanted to explore the impact of changing the length of the string, you could create three identical parachutes with the exception of the string which will be at different lengths. 


A 'parachute' in its simiplest form can be a square of material (e.g. plastic from a carrier bag) that is stuck to four bits of string, which is then attached to an object e.g. a ball of blutac. 


Try and complete this experiment at home. Good luck! Some pictures or drawings of your investigation would be great to record in your exercise book. Remember to record the results. You need to time how long it takes each of your three parachutes to fall to the ground. Remember to drop it from the same height each time! Have fun!!


Do not put yourself into any danger and make sure an adult is supervising you. 

Other Daily Activities

Joe Wicks LIVE P.E. lesson @ 9am (Times Tables Game) (Spelling & Maths Facts Games)



  Friday 20th March

Adding Decimals

First, click here to play a quick game. Are you able to identify the value of a digit in decimal numbers up to 3 d.p. (decimal places)?


Next, click here to view worksheets which require you to add together decimal numbers. Choose your level of difficulty. The answers are included for self-marking.


Important Note: We may begin to use HegartyMaths to support maths lessons online in the coming weeks. Check now to see if you can get into your account. If you cannot, you will need to go to the HegartyMaths website and begin logging in by entering your name and Date of Birth, then clicking 'forgot my password'. This will allow me to reset your password. I will reset passwords over the weekend so that from Monday, when you try to login again by entering your name and date of birth, it will also ask you to create a password. 

English Continuing from your work yesterday, I would like to you quickly proof-read your writing to check it make sense and spot basic errors in punctuation. Next I would like you to continue by writing a further 300 words. Once you have finished, underline every word that you are not 100% is spelt correctly and correct them (you could use the computer to do this to save time!)

Mums Look Away..!


Your creative task for today is to create a Mother's Day card for your mum. You are limited by the resources that you have available at home, but that's where your creativity comes in!


I would love to get as many pictures as possible of you guys working at home. If your parents are happy to send a photo of you working, they can email it to me and I will add them to the gallery above.


Have a brilliant weekend and look out for the next update on Monday morning :)

Other Daily Activities (Times Tables Game) (Spelling & Maths Facts Games)


Practise your spellings


  Thursday 19th March

Matching up decimals and fractions

Click here to watch a short video that explains how to write non-unit fractions as decimals.


Click here for the worksheets. There are more than one. Complete as many as you can. If you are not able to print, you will need to be creative – you can simply write down the pairs of fractions and decimals that match.


Write a short narrative

Use the plan you produced yesterday to begin writing your chapter. Aim for around 300 words today. Tomorrow you will revise what you have written and write another 300 words.

Try to remember to include:

  • Your character and at least one other existing character
  • Direct speech “ “
  • Compound sentences (that use some FANBOYS – for, and, nor, but, or, yet so
  • Subordinating conjunctions – (if, since, although, while, as, whenever…) You could use google to find plenty more. Remember, sentences that begin with a subordinating conjunction, need a comma after the clause e.g. ‘If pupils in Sycamore Class are reading this, Mr Seviour will be very pleased’. J


Whilst you are at home, staying active is still very important. Your final task is to try to remember the different activities you did on the morning of Sports Relief. First write these down. There were more than 10! Next, spend some time doing these exercises. Be safe, and do this with the supervision of the grown-up looking after you. In fact, get them involved!

Other Daily Activities (Times Tables Game) (Spelling & Maths Facts Games)


Practise your spellings


  Wednesday 18th March 2020

Write fractions as decimals

Click here to watch a short video that will help you to complete the task.

Then, click here for a worksheet. You might choose to print it, but it may be easier to copy the questions and answers into your orange books (or other book you may decide to use.)

Note - there are three worksheets to choose from. The answers for each sheet are also included. Be honest and answer the questions first, only checking you are correct with the answers. 


Plan for writing

To continue the learning that we have been doing in class, I would like you plan a short chapter that could fit into our class text 'The Explorer'. In this chapter, you need to include your newly-created character. It doesn't really matter what happens in your chapter, but the focus will be on character description. When you are planning, I want you to consider the following things:

  • What will the reader learn about your character and the other existing characters such as Con, Fred, Max etc?
  • What will happen in the chapter? How will these different characters react to this situation?
  • What will the characters say? How will this show what they are like as people? Kind? Rude? Lazy?
  • What details about the characters' appearance will you include? How might you include them in a clever way (Remember - we talked about not simply writing sentences that describe the character, but rather, this information is included in amongst the action - 'Jane stormed forward as her ruby cape whipped behind her'.

UPDATE: All children in the class know enough  about the story to do this task. You may choose to buy the book, but this is not necessary. The children know about the characters of the book and that they are lost in the Rainforest. From this information alone, it is all you need to write a chapter. Good luck :)


Rainforest Art

Practise your drawing skills by choosing an animal or plant that may be found in the Amazon Rainforest. You will need to do some research. Try to draw something that no-one else will (try to find things that are more unusual). 

Other Daily Activities (Times Tables Game) (Spelling & Maths Facts Games)