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Ruishton Church of England School

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve

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6-7-23 Hope Hazel Class planned and delivered our KS2 collective worship where they spoke of bringing hope to someone other than ourselves.

29-6-23 Hope Sycamore Class led our collective worship, where they spoke of having hope for the future and how a unique, nationwide tree planting initiative created to mark Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee is providing hope for our future wildlife conservation.

Hope 15-6-23 Maple Class led collective worship for Key Stage 2 this afternoon. You spoke clearly and confidently and were resilient to technical issues. Well done and thank you to your very respectful audience too!

12-6-23 Hope Rev Lee hosted our collective worship this week and spoke of Hope. He shared the story of Noah's Ark and of God's symbol of hope- the rainbow.

Hope 8-6-23 Thank you to Hazel Class for leading our KS2 collective worship today and introducing our new termly value of Hope.

25-5-23 A big thank you to Oak Class, who compiled an end of unit quiz in our key stage two collective worship today. Each class had three representatives to answer questions from each of our humility themed worships this term. Congratulations to Oak Class and Hazel Class who were the joint winners! 🎉

18-5-23 Sycamore Class led our Key Stage Two Collective Worship today. They retold the story of Ascension Day and spoke of the humble life that Jesus led.

4-5-23 Humility: Asking for and receiving advice can be hard! Hazel Class delivered our KS2 Collective Worship this week and reminded us that asking others for advice, although sometimes difficult, is a positive thing to do.

27-4-23 Thank you to Sycamore Class for a wonderful collective worship this afternoon. They retold the story of Moses as part of our learning of Humility.

Summer 1: Rev. Lee introduced our new value of 'Humility' in Collective Worship this week. He shared what it means to be humble with us and identified ways in which we show humility each day without realising.

Maple Class devised and delivered our Key Stage Two collective worship and Easter quiz this afternoon. The winning team will have an additional 10 minutes added to their playtime tomorrow. Fantastic knowledge was shown across the classes!

Year 4 Shine Club- Year 4 have been enjoying their weekly Shine Club sessions with Donna and Jasmine. Today, they planted cress seeds, linking this to our current value of compassion in needing to nurture them by providing warmth, water and care, whilst having patience for them to flourish.

23-3-23 Hazel Class planned and delivered Collective Worship for Key Stage Two today. We learnt that being rich does not always centre around money, sometimes the richest people are the most compassionate and have lots of friends.

Showing Compassion 23/2/23 Maple Class pupils planned and delivered our KS2 collective worship today. We particularly enjoyed the part where we had to vote as to whether a scenario showed compassion or not and it allowed us to reflect upon our actions too.

God's Justice 2/2/23 Key Stage Two learnt of ways in which people show care and reflected upon stories that have demonstrated God's justice during a wonderfully prepared Collective Worship by Oak Class children.

Including Others: Maple Class planned and delivered our Collective Worship this week. They highlighted the importance of including others and the difference that could make to someone.

KS2 Collective Worship. Justice 19-1-23

Ruishton's Advent Trail 14/12/22

Community Coffee Stop 13/12/22

Year 6 Carol Service 12/12/22

Peace: 1st December 2022

Remembrance 2022- We each painted a pebble of remembrance and placed it at the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Garden in Ruishton.

Harvest 2022

Peace: 3rd November 2022

Respect and Reverence: 20th October 2022

Harvest 2022

Our wonderfully generous donations gratefully received by Taunton Foodbank.

Respect and Reverence 13th October 2022

Respect and Reverence: 6th October 2022