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Ruishton Church of England School

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

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School Lunch Menus

All lunches in school are provided by The Oak Partnership Trust based at West Monkton.


To enable us to provide a consistent and reliable service, all schools in the Trust use the Advanced Booking System on Parent Mail. All payments must be made via the Advanced Bookings System. This is available on Parent Mail via the Accounts Section. Parents will be able to order and pay for lunches well in advance.


Lunch menus are created by the kitchen in a three weekly cycle and will be uploaded to the Advanced Bookings System. Menus usually change each term, reflecting seasonal meal choices. Allergen information is printed on the menus for your perusal.


Deadline: Food orders must be ordered by 5pm each Sunday for the week after the next week. This enables the kitchen to order the correct amount of food and ensures kitchen waste is kept to a minimum.


You are able to check what dates and meals you have ordered for your child on the Advanced Booking System: Go to the Accounts Section > Statement (bottom right of the page)>click on transactions>click into meal booking>you will be able to see the dates and meals booked.


Please stick to the deadlines stipulated. If you book after the deadline has passed, the system may still let you put an order through which may result in you paying for a meal that we cannot guarantee will be provided.


Costings: If your child is entitled to Universal Infant School meals (Years R - 2) or Free School Meals, you will not be asked to pay for your child's meals. Children in Y3 - 6 (unless entitled to FSM) will pay £2.60 per meal

Guide To Book Dinners on Parentmail

Autumn Dinner Menu Sep 2023